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Find Answers To Commonly Asked Questions

Our team has created answers to your most commonly asked questions below.

1Will I see a decrease in my energy bills?
We have customers that enjoy significant energy savings year round. When we improve performance and efficiency we can all find ways to save. Our customers enjoy more than low utility bills, their homes are healthier, they’re more comfortable year round, experience lower maintenance and replacement costs and ultimately a lower solar quote
2Isn’t solar power too expensive?
It’s a myth that solar power is too expensive. The panels are more affordable and efficient then they have ever been. Incentives from the Federal Government have made solar even more affordable. Some regions have additional incentives at the state and local level that offer additional savings to homeowners. Once panels are paid off, homeowners enjoy free energy and no electric bills. Our Performance Specialists can review what incentives homeowners are eligible for based on their region.
3How long does it take to install the solar panels?
Panels are generally installed four to six weeks from the agreement. Permitting and coordination with the utility company to activate the system can affect the time.
4Will solar panels work in a region that snows a lot?
Snow will influence the effectiveness of solar. A panel needs exposure to the sun for the photovoltaic cells to gather ultra violet rays from the sun. The panels are resilient and if covered by snow, the panels would be the first location to melt. Once the panels were exposed to the sun they will continue producing power for you.
5What about dark cloudy months? Does that affect solar panels? Can I run out of power?
A common myth about solar is that it doesn’t work in regions with cloudy conditions. Germany produces more solar than any other country on the planet. Germany’s climate is more like the Northwest’s than California’s. It’s true that a panel in direct sunlight will have an opportunity to produce more power, than one that is not. However, an advantage we have in cloudy regions, over places like California or Arizona, is that panels perform better under cooler temperatures.
6How does your company make homes more environmentally friendly?
Sol Solutions Today has an ambitious goal to prevent 200 million pounds of CO2 from being released in the atmosphere over the next five years. Equivalent to pulling 200,000 cars off the road for a year.

We provide our customers with strategies to optimize their home performance. Our belief is that an optimum performing home is going to lose less energy during the winter, creating warmer and more balanced temperatures in the home. Homes will gain less energy during the summer, making for cooler more comfortable temperatures. Heating and cooling systems will run less, which creates lower utility bills, less maintenance expense and fewer replacement costs. Our customers also enjoy improved air quality and relief from issues like carbon monoxide, radon gas and mold/mildew concerns. As our customers shift to solar, it will be more affordable to do so, because they will not need to produce as much energy.
7What are the challenges with working on a home that was built 20, 50, 100 years ago?
Every home is different and there is no such thing as a universal install. The best way to know the opportunities for your home is to schedule a performance review. Our company works with the newest home performance technologies. We have a lot of flexibility in how we accomplish our customer’s goals.
8How does your company make homes more environmentally friendly?
Our solutions help customers to improve their home air quality protecting against important issues like Radon gas build up, carbon monoxide, allergen buildup and mold/mildew. Our customers enjoy homes that lose less energy, which increases year round comfort. Lower demand on heating/cooling systems and the roof means increased lifespan. Because our customers have more energy efficient homes, their energy needs are less and ultimately, they can install smaller solar energy systems. This allows us to offer our customers tremendously more value and improvement at similar or smaller investment than a solar only quote
9How has solar technology improved over time?
The biggest improvements to the technology have been in the inverter technology and manufacturing. Inverters are more efficient and cost effective to produce. Utilizing micro inverter technology has increased the efficiency of panels and offers homeowners the ability to easily expand on existing systems with plug and go technologies. This gives homeowners the opportunity to start small and expand on their system as their energy needs grow. As homeowners switch over to all electric cars and companies like Tesla continue to create technologies like the Powerwall for solar home owners. We’re beginning to see the market develop with the idea of us all becoming solar homeowners.
It's True. Homeowners Love Us.


  • We found out about Sol Solutions Today from a dinner invite we received in the mail. The invite was to one of our favorite restaurants, so we figured why not give it a try. At least we'd enjoy a good meal and a learn about some new technologies. My wife and I have been to these kind of presentations before, so we came prepared for a high pressured sales pitch. It ended up not being that way at all. The presentation was fun and we learned quite a bit. We originally just came for the information, but they offered a free in home audit as well, and we figured what's the harm? The consult went well, we learned a lot about our home. We didn't have any improvements done, as it just wasn't the right time for us right now, but the rep was respectful of that and left his contact info. After discussing, my wife and I were so impressed with the whole experience, we will likely do some work with this company in the near future. We'd recommend Sol Solutions to anyone that's curious about making improvements to their home, even if you don't make those improvements today, the information was still useful and it was a pleasant experience.
    Marcus J.
  • The dinner was nice and had good information. Some information that i already knew along with things I didn't. The person from the dinner came out and discussed the best options for my house and best locations for the products, over all it was good. The financing was a smooth process, great to deal with someone on the bank side that already knew what we were talking about and all the details with good rates. The first crew came out and did the attic, went to do the under part and my wife happen to turn on the water at the sink and they saw a leak.. Jamie said to call him if there were any issues so I called seeing about finishing the install after the leak was fixed and he called back with a plumber who could get here faster than the one I called. The plumber got here and we had the leak fixed quickly at a good price... I thought there would be a delay to finish the install because of the holiday weekend but they came that weekend. It was all done in a timely manner with good communication from the installers... I was really surprised they helped sooner and worked with our schedule. I do counter tops and understand how busy and precious time is. I can already tell a difference in my house and have the furnace set lower than usual, I'm anxious to see the $ savings I'll have long term. I have a lot of compassion for businesses that have a good work ethic. I work that way and got the same feeling and really respect this company.
    David R.
  • Over-all we were surprised and satisfied. The dinner wasn't small portions like we expected, it was fun and nice to be away from the kids for a little while. We ran into our neighbors so it was good to see some familiar faces. The past dinners we have been to have been high pressured to purchase things but this dinner was different, it was entertaining! Mostly a lot of information that myself and even my "Mr fix it" husband weren't even aware of. He did a great job explaining and answering all the questions we had. I didn't feel pressured we he came to our home either, he asked questions about the house,took photos of the attic and crawl spaced which I myself have never been in and then explained what was going on in our home. We did have some fallen insulation and mold we weren't aware of (I am sure from the lovely wet Washington weather LOL) We were a little nervous waiting to see the price for the products we wanted..well that we NEEDED-but it was very reasonable! He left my husband and I to talk alone for a few minutes... when he returned we were ready to sign! For the install, I had expected it to be scheduled out a couple weeks but they had available appointments just 2 days later. The crew came out, did the job quickly and then we did a walk thru with them after they were finished to explain and show us everything that was done. I haven't seen a HUGE change in our energy bill yet but I know that will take a little time especially with the weather change, but we have noticed it's more comfortable in the house, and we aren't feeling drafts in places we had before. I encourage everyone to at least go to the dinner to get the information, it's definitely worth it.
    Allison H.
  • ...The installers were out the following Tuesday. They were polite and efficient. The install took 6 hours and by the very next day we could notice the difference. The temperature became constant throughout the whole house. No longer did you walk from room to room noticing a difference. We've been experiencing a heat wave and the air conditioning was working very hard to keep it cool. After the installation the air conditioner comes on around 4:00 pm (instead of noon) and only has to work a little bit to keep it cool instead of chugging full force all afternoon and evening. We took pictures of the installation and I'm so pleased that we're sealed top and bottom. No more cold air coming up from the bottom or heat loss through the floor and no more heat pouring in from the top or heat escaping from the top when we have to use the heater. The ventilation fans are doing their thing, I can see them working but can't hear them. I'm so happy! I can hardly wait for my next Pacific Power bill to see the beginning of our actual savings. You made the whole experience, including the financing, so easy it was "just meant to be".
    Cheryl B.
  • The solar fans and crawl space blanket made a big difference in the temperature of the house. The crew cleaned up and left no trash behind and were here at the time appointed.
    Gary Skelton
  • A few weeks ago, my husband and I received a mailer inviting us to an energy seminar for our home. Usually, we don’t respond to these invites, but my husband and I have been talking about making some improvements, and this seemed like a good opportunity to see what new technologies might be available to us. Neither of us had been to a dinner presentation before, and I was a little hesitant. As it turned out, the dinner was completely different then I thought it would be. Our presenter was fun and entertaining, we learned a lot and even made friends with the people at our table. The group was active and engaged. We covered a lot of information, but it didn’t feel like too much. They offered our group a home inspection, which they told us they would at the beginning. Our in home appointment went just as we were told, they took pictures, answered all of our questions and made recommendations on things we could do to make improvements. What really won over my husband and I, was that we were told everything that would happen before it happened, and they followed through.
    Bedy Homes
  • Chris and Erin did a wonderful job. I appreciate the due diligence and professionalism by both of them.
    Mary Vermeulen
  • We want to say thank you for the wonderful opportunity to learn about your company. The dinner and educational session was a no pressure situation. We learned a lot about various ways to save money on utilities via insulation, fans and more. When the rep, Jamie Skaar, came to our house for the inspection and suggestions he was thorough and very professional. We weren’t able to do all the suggestions he made during the visit but he at least got us started on an item. We very much appreciate his thoughtfulness and time spent with us and all of our questions. The installation team was also very thorough and timely. We would suggest this group to anyone who is interested in learning more about how to make changes to their home in an effort to better insulate, save money and add value.
    Mary Askenazi
  • Awesome employees, great workers. Respectful, accommodating. Thanks Chris for a wonderful job!
    Cheri Gorder LaMunyon
  • A few weeks ago we attended a dinner seminar (and the dinner was good) for solar and other insulation products for the home. Initially we were hesitant but happy we went. Jamie from Sol Solutions was very entertaining and very knowledgeable about all of the products introduced that night. He came to our house 2 days later and although we did not go with Solar we did go with the insulation blankets, fan and intrusion package and are very, very happy with the results. Our house actually feels much warmer and stays comfortable all day long. As a result of the blanket it reduced our humidity levels in the house by approximately 10%. Chris and his team who installed all of this were very professional and informative. We would highly recommend Sol Solutions and their partners for any upgrades you might need for your home.
    Pat and Lou Adamo
  • We went for the free dinner, half expecting that the "leave your checkbook at home" was a lie, because hey, who offers free food without wanting you to buy something. Surprisingly, the presentation was set in an informational setting, with statistics and demonstrations of how some of the products worked. Bottom line though, we were not asked to buy anything. The closest this came to anything sales related, was an offer to fill out a form for a free evaluation of the house. That was it. In the end we did have Jamie come and evaluate our house and there was still no sales pressure during this visit. Our house is unique, we cannot have most of the improvements the company offers, and again, the impressive thing here was that Jamie was honest and specifically recommended that it would not be a value added service for most of the weathering products. We ended up with one of the under the house units to start with, and will be evaluating the solar panels within the next sixty days. Food wasn't shabby either.
    Ali R.
  • Chris, Aaron and Bryon did an excellent job installing. Efficient, good on time estimates, courteous. Well done!
    Jeani King
  • The dinner meeting was informative and very inspiring for making green improvements, with good food too. Jamie was an enthusiastic and convincing consultant. The installation crew was quick, efficient and respectful, thanks Chris and Aaron.
    Aaron Douglass
  • Sol Solutions is a Quality company you can trust. We live in Tumwater Washington and had them install solar exhaust fans in the attic and in the floor. Blanket insulation in attic and under the floor to maintain cool in summer an heat in winter . It works and it was done at a fair price by installers that take pride in there work.
    John Olson
  • Sol Solutions is a trust worthy company and stand by their product and service. After the installation of the solar fans, we encounter some irritating noise and I called the company about the problem. They responded without delay. We are very pleased with the work done by Chris and his associate today. First they went up to the attic to check out the installation to identify what could have been the irritating noise. Then he reinforced the installation with a piece of insulating material. With both fans off, I could still hear the noises. He immediately realized that the noises were not from the attic fans. Then they worked on the fan at the crawl space and realized that it was attached to one of the house floor joists. He reinstalled it and to mount it to a vertical beam. With all the fans running, all the irritating noises were gone. Good job Chris, we really appreciate it. I have to compliment Chris for his friendly and very courteous manner. When the work was completed everything was placed back to it original location. I will not hesitate to recommend Sol Solutions to our friends.
    Seng Choy
  • We had a good "free" dinner with their presentation. The representative that came to the house was thorough and explained the costs and benefits well. The installers did a good job, were polite, and cleaned up well. The products are performing as promised. We had crawl space insulation, a crawl space solar fan, and a roof solar vent/fan installed.
    Kathy Egan

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