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Synthetic Grass And Lawns

Learn how to save money on water costs.



Synthetic lawns look like real lawns with even more benefits. You can have a lawn that looks perfect year round, even during the Summer months when high temperatures, increased water rates and water restrictions can turn lawns brown. Save money on water. Up to 70% of average water usage is from outdoor usage. Free space in the garage by getting rid of lawn mowers and other lawn equipment, which take up space and cost money. No more need for fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides making synthetic lawns a healthier options for homeowners with pets, kids, and grand kids. Pet friendly synthetic lawns discourage animals from digging and creating mud spots in your lawn. Pet urine discolors traditional lawns, and offers a nesting ground for fleas and mites. Synthetics offers a family and pet friendly solution for all the limitation of a traditional lawn. A fantastic year round lawn that saves you money.

  • The dinner meeting was informative and very inspiring for making green improvements, with good food too. Jamie was an enthusiastic and convincing consultant. The installation crew was quick, efficient and respectful, thanks Chris and Aaron.
    Aaron Douglass
  • We had a good "free" dinner with their presentation. The representative that came to the house was thorough and explained the costs and benefits well. The installers did a good job, were polite, and cleaned up well. The products are performing as promised. We had crawl space insulation, a crawl space solar fan, and a roof solar vent/fan installed.
    Kathy Egan

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