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August 16, 2016
Good Price And Good Work Ethic
August 16, 2016
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A Huge Change In Our Energy Bill

Over-all we were surprised and satisfied. The dinner wasn’t small portions like we expected, it was fun and nice to be away from the kids for a little while. We ran into our neighbors so it was good to see some familiar faces. The past dinners we have been to have been high pressured to purchase things but this dinner was different, it was entertaining! Mostly a lot of information that myself and even my “Mr fix it” husband weren’t even aware of. He did a great job explaining and answering all the questions we had.

I didn’t feel pressured we he came to our home either, he asked questions about the house,took photos of the attic and crawl spaced which I myself have never been in and then explained what was going on in our home. We did have some fallen insulation and mold we weren’t aware of (I am sure from the lovely wet Washington weather LOL) We were a little nervous waiting to see the price for the products we wanted..well that we NEEDED-but it was very reasonable! He left my husband and I to talk alone for a few minutes… when he returned we were ready to sign!

For the install, I had expected it to be scheduled out a couple weeks but they had available appointments just 2 days later. The crew came out, did the job quickly and then we did a walk thru with them after they were finished to explain and show us everything that was done.

I haven’t seen a HUGE change in our energy bill yet but I know that will take a little time especially with the weather change, but we have noticed it’s more comfortable in the house, and we aren’t feeling drafts in places we had before. I encourage everyone to at least go to the dinner to get the information, it’s definitely worth it.