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August 16, 2016
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August 16, 2016
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Food Was Actually Free

We went for the free dinner, half expecting that the “leave your checkbook at home” was a lie, because hey, who offers free food without wanting you to buy something. Surprisingly, the presentation was set in an informational setting, with statistics and demonstrations of how some of the products worked. Bottom line though, we were not asked to buy anything. The closest this came to anything sales related, was an offer to fill out a form for a free evaluation of the house. That was it. In the end we did have Jamie come and evaluate our house and there was still no sales pressure during this visit. Our house is unique, we cannot have most of the improvements the company offers, and again, the impressive thing here was that Jamie was honest and specifically recommended that it would not be a value added service for most of the weathering products. We ended up with one of the under the house units to start with, and will be evaluating the solar panels within the next sixty days. Food wasn’t shabby either.