Made A Big Difference In Home Temperature
August 16, 2016
A Huge Change In Our Energy Bill
August 16, 2016
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It Was Meant To Be

…The installers were out the following Tuesday. They were polite and efficient. The install took 6 hours and by the very next day we could notice the difference. The temperature became constant throughout the whole house. No longer did you walk from room to room noticing a difference. We’ve been experiencing a heat wave and the air conditioning was working very hard to keep it cool. After the installation the air conditioner comes on around 4:00 pm (instead of noon) and only has to work a little bit to keep it cool instead of chugging full force all afternoon and evening.

We took pictures of the installation and I’m so pleased that we’re sealed top and bottom. No more cold air coming up from the bottom or heat loss through the floor and no more heat pouring in from the top or heat escaping from the top when we have to use the heater. The ventilation fans are doing their thing, I can see them working but can’t hear them. I’m so happy! I can hardly wait for my next Pacific Power bill to see the beginning of our actual savings.

You made the whole experience, including the financing, so easy it was “just meant to be”.