Good Price And Good Work Ethic
August 16, 2016
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We’d Recommend Sol Solutions Today To Anyone

We found out about Sol Solutions Today from a dinner invite we received in the mail. The invite was to one of our favorite restaurants, so we figured why not give it a try. At least we’d enjoy a good meal and a learn about some new technologies. My wife and I have been to these kind of presentations before, so we came prepared for a high pressured sales pitch. It ended up not being that way at all. The presentation was fun and we learned quite a bit. We originally just came for the information, but they offered a free in home audit as well, and we figured what’s the harm? The consult went well, we learned a lot about our home. We didn’t have any improvements done, as it just wasn’t the right time for us right now, but the rep was respectful of that and left his contact info. After discussing, my wife and I were so impressed with the whole experience, we will likely do some work with this company in the near future. We’d recommend Sol Solutions to anyone that’s curious about making improvements to their home, even if you don’t make those improvements today, the information was still useful and it was a pleasant experience.