The Future of Solar Power In The U.S.
October 27, 2014
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Top 10 Benefits Of Solar Power

There are several benefits to converting your home over to solar power. Here, I’m going to list my top 10 reasons to use solar power at home.

1 – Solar power benefits not just the environment, but you! It can help you save between $20,000 to nearly $65,000 over the course of a twenty year period, depending on which state you live in and how much electricity you use.

2 – You can also feel the benefits of solar power through your personal energy independence. Once you have solar panels installed, you don’t have to rely on outside sources for your energy. This means that you don’t have to worry about blackouts, brownouts, or much else that typical grid users would have to face.

3 – With solar panels on your home, you also don’t have to worry about the price of your electricity bill spiking during summer or winter months. One of the many benefits of solar power in your home is that you aren’t at the whim of electric companies.

4 – Another, perhaps unintended consequence, of adding solar power to your home is that it increases your home’s value. Between the push for more green alternatives for energy and the savings you occur when using it, homes with solar panels already installed are a hot commodity.

5 – Some solar power benefits include tax incentives. When you add solar panels to your home, you’re entitled to 30% of your system cost back. There are also many state and local rebates as well as Solar Renewable Energy Credits that you can sell. Every state is different, so do research to see just how much you could get!

6 – Solar panels come with guaranteed performance. Though they can easily last 30 – 40 years providing a good amount of energy, after 25 years industry standard says that you can expect a performance of 80%. But until that 25-year mark? Smooth sailing.

7 – Solar Panels are the easiest way to go green at home. It’s now incredibly easy to shop around for solar panels that fit your budget. There are even companies that can rent-to-own or loan out solar panels. Similarly, there are many DIY kits and instruction guides available now. This means that you could be saving money while saving money.

8 – Solar panels are incredibly reliable. You don’t have to worry about the sun not rising one day. True, clouds can be an issue every now and again, but with advances in solar technology, this is becoming less and less of a problem.

9 – Just by going green at home, you can help to fight global warming and save our country countless dollars. Global warming is expected to cost us trillions of dollars in coming years. You can help to stop it!

10 – Lastly, you can reduce your carbon footprint by adding solar panels to your home. They are incredibly environmentally friendly.

With solar power at home, you’ll save tons of money as well as enjoy the benefits of increased home value and the knowledge that you helped to save the world.

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